Noemi Jimenez


Bilingual Kindergarten Teacher

10 Years in education

Why I teach: I am a teacher because I believe “All” students Can Learn and I want them to believe it too! I provide a safe and caring learning environment to challenge and inspire “All” of my students. I use my Multicultural and Bilingual experience to nurture and support students’ native language, while teaching them to successfully acquire the second language to become a well-rounded educated person. These skills will allow children to serve their family, community, and country.

I love to teach and I am confident that with my skills, kids’ hard work, and family support together we ALL can succeed!!

Hobbies: I enjoy all outdoor activities, specially biking and walking with my family. I also like to dance and sing!!

STEM is an exciting and fun tool I use in my daily teaching. Everyday we explore our world through the lenses of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.



Contact Information:
303-772-3040, X23566
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