Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)




           Eunice Corral

Welcome to 2016-17 Northridge Elementary PTO - Parent Teacher Organization (or Northridge Parent Leadership Committee)

As Family Liaison, it is my privilege to welcome you and your family to Northridge Elementary! The Northridge PTO (Parent Leadership Committee) has been busy

planning events and working closely with Mrs. Sampson, our principal, and we are excited about what’s in store for our school community this year!

Please check our school website, Facebook page, main office entrance and Thursday Folders for upcoming meetings. You are not required to attend every meeting, but for every meeting you attend – your voice is heard and your child benefits. It is with your support that we are able to do so many great things to enhance the educational experience for our children. The partnership of parents and teachers makes the education of our children successful. I encourage you all to attend!

"Parent involvement is key to student success," says principal, Lorynda Sampson. "Parents are children's first and most important teacher. We need parent volunteers, support, input and leaership to make Northridge the best it can be!

Childcare and Interpreter available at Northridge Elementary!

Eunice Corral
(303) 772-3040

Parent Leadership Board Members:

Anna Aceves, Fernando Hernandez and Maria Murillo, Claudia Lopez, Ignacio Solis and Eunice Corral, Erica Morales, Janette Gonzalez, Ellen Sacayon and Lorynda Sampson.



2014-15 PTO BI-Laws English.pdf

2014-14 PTO Bi-Laws Spanish.pdf