Mary Ellen Bunta

Years Teaching: 21 years

Why I teach: I teach because I love working with kids and seeing all they are capable of becoming.  The learning process fascinates me.  I can't imagine spending time doing anything else.  It matters, kids matters and it is the lifeline to future of the human race.  It is never boring. 

Hobbies: I like to garden, walk, ride bikes and hang out with my family.  I love to play games, watch Finn play soccer or Liam pitch baseballs. I love being outside.

STEM is... the way of learning for the future.  Though it stands for SCIENCE TECH ENGINEERING MATH it really applies to all areas of learning, working and moving forward in this age.  It is the creativity, problem solving, designing thinking and integration that our future will demand of its workers and citizens.  STEM is relevant and it is FUN!!

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