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Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!  

We're looking forward to another "super power-filled" year at Northridge Elementary. Last year our students demonstrated some of the highest i-Ready Reading and Math growth in the district!  We also attained the 49th median growth percentile!  The national norm for median growth percentiles is 50%.  We're aiming even higher this year! Northridge is considered a HIGH GROWTH school according to i-Ready Reading and Math! Students in all grade levels demonstrated increased proficiency from fall to spring. What a tremendous accomplishment for our students!  Our English Language growth and achievement were also among the highest in the district! Northridge students, families and staff continue to be committed to outstanding growth and achievement! 
Our motto for 2016-2017 is: No Barriers! Mission Possible: Proficiency...because our students are worth it!
Northridge Elementary welcomes each and every family!  This year we're working with our Parent Leadership Team to build "super hero strength" family partnerships by introducing the Family Conference Model. All families get to meet together and partner with their child's teacher, 5 times per year! Together we'll look at student progress, set goals, develop and participate in fun, academic activities to support student learning at home, while also getting to know the parents and children in your child's classroom!  We'll provide interpreters for all Classroom Conferences! We look forward to working in partnership with each and every family! 
We're proud to offer STEM education, daily movement and brain breaks, biliteracy programming for our students who's first language is Spanish, the Morning Meeting, Zones of Regulation and social emotional learning and more to support high academic achievement and success for all!  
We offer before and after school tutoring 3 days per week, a variety enrichment activities, robotics club, MESA and Thorne Science opportunities as well. Our parents also participate in English, Spanish, Healthy Living, Parenting, Technology, Family Play and many other workshops throughout the year!  We believe everyone has a Super Hero inside of them waiting to be discovered!
So...welcome to Northridge Elementary! I'm so excited to begin year 7 with this amazing community!

Lorynda Sampson

Years Teaching: 32 years in education

Why I Teach: I am an educator because I believe in all children and their ability to learn at high levels.  If we help all children become a life-long learners they’ll be well-equipped for an ever-changing future.  It’s exciting to serve our community now and prepare others to serve their community in the future. Besides, I LOVE kids and learning! 

Hobbies: Being outdoors, walking, reading, and hockey with my boys!  

STEM is... innovative, exciting and meaningful for children now; while also preparing them for their futures. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math integration help students connect with learning, understand “why” learning is important, makes sense out of complex ideas and promotes creativity and innovation. STEM makes learning fun for ALL!